Pathfinder Placement Services

School Placement Services

Pathfinder Placement supports school leadership and school community families with school placement process training, transfer records management and advocacy for students with placement challenges

Youth Leadership Development

Pathfinder Placement creates and delivers customized enrichment curricula for middle and high school students, both in and out of school time

Parent and Educator Seminars

Pathfinder Placement provides training assisting the parents and educators who support students through school, college and career transitions


Pathfinder Placement provides families the tools and the personal support to ameliorate threats to student success

Admissions Counseling

Pathfinder Placement guides families through admissions processes from start to finish for independent, public magnet, charter and boarding schools

Academic Support Referrals

Pathfinder Placement researches, vets and endorses practitioners that support the whole child

Concierge Admissions Counseling

Pathfinder Placement provides individualized school admissions support to families who need an additional perspective on school fit and school choice. Services include school tours, school visits and application assistance

Financial Aid Counseling

Pathfinder Placement provides financial aid application support for families applying for independent schools, out of school time programs, scholarships and colleges

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